The Tide we Run From

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So this is how it feels

To miss everything you called yours


Rain Shelter House, Japan by y+M | via

From the architect: Location of the house is Yonago-city Sanin area at the foot of Mt. Daisen which has national park. This area has much rain throughout the year. In winter it blows a chill northwest wind and it snows a lot. The site is on a hill. So the scenery is wonderful but it gets the strong afternoon sunlight.

We planned the house there where client family (married couple, their two children and wife’s mother who newly live together) lives.

We planned the house as divided/parted one. That architecture makes some benefits for the client such as keeping adequate privacy among the family. And client can sleep without any concern for disturbing noise of the other family members after his/her night shift work.

We designed the gabled folded-plate big roof which reaches ground at its one side on each “divided house.” The roof keeps off rain throughout the year, chill northwest wind and snow in winter and strong afternoon sunlight in summer. And the roof can keep the client’s privacy from neighbor houses.

In addition, natural sunlight comes in through the gap between the roof and “divided houses.” So that inside the house is bright enough in daytime without lightings.

Photography: Yohei Sasakura / Sasa no kurasha

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After a strenuous 12 hours I’m finally finished. Pumped that it’s over. Lemme know what you think! #art #popart #trippy #lines #of #extension #paint #painting


1960-62 Arthur W. Milam Residence | Architect: Paul Rudolph | Jacksonville Beach, St. John’s County, Florida, USA


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Certenais Noksi

Nature 🌲🌿


Nature 🌲🌿



Wow this is art


Wow this is art

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Dietmar Voorworld is an artist who takes rocks, pebbles and leaves he finds in nature and turns them into memorable pieces of circular land art.


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